Rodney Govens for Congress has been endorsed or recommended by the organizations & individuals listed below

Everytown for Gun Sense Candidate
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Stand Up Arkansas
Vortex PAC
“Rodney Govens, a US Army Veteran with a heart of gold, is running for District 1. He's all about supporting Arkansas families and knows what it takes for our state to thrive.”
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Chris Jones, Ph.D.
"Dr. Chris Jones and the Vortex PAC team are throwing their full support behind amazing Democratic candidates who are ready to make a real difference in our great state: These candidates are the real deal, folks! But what's so special about this endorsement? These candidates were identified by their own neighbors as leaders who truly understand the needs and values of Arkansas. Rodney Govens, a U.S. Army Veteran with a heart of gold, is all about supporting Arkansas families and knows what it takes for our state to thrive.”
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Vote Common Good
“Candidates for Common Good have committed themselves to leading with values consistent with the common good. This means they will use the common good as a guiding principle in how they govern, what policies they advocate, and the ways in which they interact with both voters and other candidates for office. Candidates for Common Good have taken the Vote Common Good Love In Politics Pledge. Multiple candidates in a race can receive this recognition, and just like the common good, it is non-partisan.”
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Rodney is committed to visiting every city and town in Arkansas’ First Congressional District, to ask you and your neighbors what you need your next Congressman to do in office. Your donation will power Rodney’s work and restore empathy and hope for Arkansans. 

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