Rodney Govens wants to know what *you* need from your Congressman


Rodney Govens, a U.S. Army veteran, husband and father, and longtime Court Appointed Special Advocate for abused and neglected children, today officially launched his campaign for U.S. Congress representing Arkansas’ First Congressional District. 

Rodney Govens of Cabot is running for Congress to represent Arkansas' First Congressional District

Rodney joined scores of other Democratic candidates in filing their paperwork with the Arkansas Secretary of State; Rodney is running as a Democrat for Congress, to represent the 1st Congressional District.

He grew up in Columbia, S.C., and moved to Arkansas in 2017. Rodney, 40, and his wife of 19 years, Stacy, live in Cabot with their 7-year-old twins, Grayson and Zoey. 

During his 3.5 years in the Army, Rodney served as an E-4 Specialist in the Signal Corps with 596 Signal Company from Fort Riley, Kansas, including deployment to Iraq as part of Operation Enduring Freedom. Service honors awarded included the Army Achievement Medal and the Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, among others.

Since his honorable discharge in 2005, Rodney has worked as operations manager for broadband and telecom providers serving rural Arkansas — a role that introduced him to Arkansans in rural communities and small towns all over the Natural State.

“As a passionate advocate for change, I find myself frustrated as I witness, time and again, dedicated professionals like teachers, social workers, and police officers leaving their careers due to inadequate pay,” he said. “My neighbors are struggling to make ends meet while official rhetoric touts a flourishing economy. This frustration drives my candidacy, fueled by a determination to address systemic issues often overlooked.”

“I believe it’s time for leadership that transcends partisan lines — leadership that stands up for all people, not just those who fit a particular mold,” Rodney said. “We need Representatives who are present and accountable to their constituents every day, not just during election seasons. I am committed to being that leader.”

Rodney’s own experiences as a youth in the foster care system starting at age 13 led him to volunteer with CASA as an adult. CASA volunteers “establish stable relationships with foster children, getting to know their unique history and making informed recommendations to the courts,” the Arkansas State CASA Association explains.

The powerful words of Martin Luther King Jr., “In the end, I will not remember the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends,” inspire Rodney to work for those without a voice. 

“Our society tends to turn a blind eye to pressing issues, such as the challenges faced by enlisted military families on welfare, a failing foster care system, and threats against the LGBTQ+ community and women,” Rodney explains.

“My candidacy is rooted in the desire to restore empathy to this position, ensuring everyone in District 1 knows their leadership cares about them. Rural communities deserve the same opportunities for success as their urban counterparts. I’ve faced challenges throughout my life, from overcoming adversity at Epworth Children’s Home to serving in Iraq from 2003 to 2004. I am no stranger to tough fights, and with your support, we can triumph in this election.”

Rodney previously ran for office in 2020, as the Democratic challenger for Arkansas House of Representatives District 44; on Election Day 2020, voters re-elected the incumbent. 

“I love this country because there’s a lot of good people, but it’s time someone told all the good people to stand up and rid our society of hatred,” he said. “It’s time to tell those who spew hatred and ignorant rhetoric that they aren’t welcome here anymore. 

“A lot of folks have been hollering, ‘All lives matter.’ It’s time our elected officials represent ALL lives, including the sheriff’s deputies who are serving with ancient protective equipment, and without enough training; including the trans children who are afraid to be themselves; including the gay couple that continues to be harassed by people telling them not to love like that; including the local meat market operating in the red because the big corporations are not being held accountable for predatory pricing,” Rodney said.

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