What is Riding With Rodney? It’s a virtual — and, at times, literal — ride-along with Democratic candidate for Congress Rodney Govens as he embarks on an all-year study of Arkansas’ First District and its 31 counties.

Riding With Rodney is all the stories that make up real life for Arkansans in the First Congressional District, shared through podcast discussions with “regular people”; through interactive events like live podcast tapings doubling as town halls with the candidate; and through dash-cam video of guided tours of towns in every county, each with a local storyteller showing Rodney the heart of their town: its points of pride and local charm, and its most pressing needs.

Riding With Rodney is the Rodney Govens campaign’s all-year intensive “study” of the 31 counties in the First District, where Rodney will hear and share the locals’ stories and legends, and the common issues shared by every city and county that a congressman should be working to either protect or improve. Learn more at RidingWithRodney.com or RodneyForCongress.org. 

All Arkansans win when Rodney wins – and he can with your help!
Put your spare change to work by donating it to Rodney’s campaign at https://bit.ly/donate-rodney-govens or visit https://RodneyForCongress.org to donate.


Podcast production paid for by Committee to Elect Rodney Govens.

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