Democratic nominee for U.S. House (AR-01) Rodney Govens recently spent five days at the U.S.-Mexico border with faith leaders from the nonpartisan nonprofit Vote Common Good as well as several other congressional candidates:
• Jerrad Christian, running for U.S. House in Ohio’s District 12; 
• Tamie Wilson, running for U.S. House in Ohio’s District 4; and
• David Kim, running for U.S. House in California’s District 34.

The purpose of the trip? To listen and learn about the border crisis from relief workers, local officials, border patrol agents, and families seeking asylum who have been staying in shelters there for months, awaiting their appointments with border officials. 

The group traveled from Douglas, Arizona, across the border into Mexico, where staff at nonprofit shelters and resource centers for asylum-seekers explained their work and the inefficiencies and harms caused by a broken immigration system.

Rodney and the group stayed at these shelters during their trip — the same shelters that provide safe housing, food, and legal resources for asylum-seekers during the months-long wait to apply for asylum.

Here, at the Bella Vista Los Tigres Casa de la Misericordia in Nogales, Mexico, the group spent evenings in fellowship and conversation on the patio, enjoying local music as well as singalongs of familiar American songs, led by Vote Common Good’s Dan Dietrich, a former church music director and a frequent host of VCG’s video podcast.


Rodney Govens is running for U.S. Congress to represent Arkansas’ First Congressional District. Learn more, message Rodney, donate, or volunteer to help the campaign at

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