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Are you tired of politicians lobbing “politi-speak” at each other, talking over voters’ heads like we aren’t even here, and failing to accomplish change?

Do you believe our elected officials should be listening more than they are talking? Do you think Congress needs an overhaul? 

So do we. We believe “the way government has always been run” is clearly broken. Politicians tout “economic growth” while a large majority of Arkansans are barely getting by.

It’s time for us to come together — regardless of our faiths, our social circles, or our previous party preferences — and make sure every Arkansan’s voice is heard. Every Arkansan deserves a chance at health, happiness, and prosperity. Our government should help open doors, or at the very least unlock them. Instead, our tax dollars pay for a system so locked up by bureaucracy and red tape that very little benefits show up in the lives of “regular folks” like Rodney, like you, like your neighbors and his neighbors.

Will you lend us your time, or your expertise, and volunteer with the Rodney Govens for Congress campaign team? Whether it’s phone calling, posting on social media for the campaign, sending Rodney feedback from voters in your town, or distributing campaign signs — there is a place and a need for every person willing to help!    

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You get to choose how & how much you help – we welcome volunteers from every background, regardless of past experience

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Rodney is committed to visiting every city and town in Arkansas’ First Congressional District, to ask you and your neighbors what you need your next Congressman to do in office. Your donation will power Rodney’s work and restore empathy and hope for Arkansans. 

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